Beginners Guide to Electron Framework

Beginners Guide to Electron Framework
Learn to build desktop apps using Electron framework

Desktop applications have been receiving less love lately because of the smartphone boom, however, there are still a lot of people who love coming back to the Start button (now Home) or Dock, and find the steady comforting applications that are no fuss and forever ready to do their bidding.

Desktop applications are still popular among desktop users, and the demand for application developers is still increasing. But, building desktop applications is not that easy, rather it is more difficult than building mobile apps. It requires a more thorough integration with the OS of your system. This is why frameworks such as Electron are such a boon!

If you want to build a clean, powerful cross-platform native application, without having to learn a bunch of other languages, APIs, processes and technology, then Electron is the perfect framework to have on hand. Electron helps you build apps using JavaScript, HTML and CSS!

This epic frameworks removes the hard parts from coding, so that developers can focus more on actually building the app rather than messing around with languages, codes and syntax. And in this course, we will show exactly how to get started with this amazing framework!

Our Electron course has been designed as a beginner’s course for newbies or any developers who are looking to get started in the lucrative world of building desktop apps. In this tutorial, you will break down exactly how to get stared building apps using the Electron framework.

You will go on a journey with the instructor, who will take you step-by-step through the process of downloading, installing, configuring, running and even building real-world apps with Electron!

The course will start will a detailed introduction and overview of Electron, and include topics such as understanding the IDE, modularizing your apps, utilizing associated JavaScript files, working with different Electron components, installing and running Hello World, integration with other frameworks (Angular, Photon & Bootstrap), and will end with actually building real world projects such as a Calculator App.

All of this and so much more is waiting for you inside this course! So, let’s charge up and start building your very own desktop app!

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